Thursday, June 24, 2004

Life Lessons

The recent death of 2 friends - one with whom the friendship was beginning and one of over 30 years, forcibly reminded me that you should not put off saying or doing the important things in life. It is a lesson that is too easy to forget. So here are a few things I've been musing over as to how I want to live my life - going forward.

- Tell people you love them, don't think about, just do it.
- Listen more, talk less.
- People are what is important, not things.
- Spend time with those you care about.
- Demand the best of your self and others and you may get it. Time is too short for 2nd best.
- Don't say something nasty, because it may be the last thing you ever say or say to that person.
- Do good deeds and when others thank-you, tell them to pass it forward.
- Stop and do what feels good to you at least 5 minutes of every day.
- Don't try to change others, change what you can - yourself - be happy.
- Live life. It may be the only one you have.